Second Grade Supplies

 1 box of number two pencils

1 pencil/supply box

1 packet of glue sticks

1 travel soap box (Can purchase at Target)

1 back pack 

2 or 3 highliters

1 subject notebook

3 red pens

1 book cover

crayons (either 8 pack or 16 pack) Do not buy a 24 pack

1 pack of colored pencils

1.25 bottle of elmer's glue (do not buy the regular size) You can purchase this at Michael's or AC Moore

2 boxes of tissues

1 scissors

3 folders (2 pocket) three of the folders plain color (no drawings) the plastic folders  I find to be durable.

1 agenda book (students will have to purchase one the beginning of the school year $4.00)

Supplies for the classroom

Last name beginning from A to J please bring in 3 clorox wipes,  napkins, 3 paper towels

Last name beginning from K to N please bring in 3 hand wipes, 3 paper towel,

Last name beginning from P to Y please bring in 3 clorox wipes,napkins, and 3 hand wipes


, storage bags, spoons, sandwich bags

Thank you